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I ENJOY WHAT I DO. I AM A PROFESSIONAL FASHION, FREE LANCE PHOTOGRAPHER, and I am excited that you are now, taking a few minutes of your time to have a look at my photos.
I thought it was maybe time to spend a few minutes and write something for people to read. I really believe that as a photographer, your work is your resume, and speaks to what you can do; but here’s a little about me. It’s taken me nearly eight years to get where I am, with my portfolio. And, yet, I keep learning everyday, and practice a great deal to become better. It helps a lot that being a fashion, and art photographer, is really my sole passion. I enjoy “making” instead of “taking” photos. I have a wickly wild, and creative imagination, and there is a piece of it in each and every photo shoot that I have done.

There is a saying that surrounds fashion photography that goes – “want to be a great photographer, then hire a great model; and if you want to be a great model, then hire a great photographer”.

I am a true believer in this theory, and it’s one of the reasons that I still do a great deal of TFP work for new models. The other reason is, because I really think that there is soooo much hidden talent in our area,that I really want to help models started and pointed in the right direction. It’s not unlike me to actually stop someone on the street, or in the mall and give them a business card.
I do shoot high fashion, and editorial photos, but I also enjoy spending an afternoon making art with a model. So, if you are just starting and would like help, or even just a bit of advice (I will be the first to tell you that I don’t have all the answers, but I will certainly help you get the answers), or if you are interested in creating some outstanding art photos, then please feel absolutely free to message me, and we can chat.

Keep Smiling,
Mark Allan

Some of my Photographs are now for sale. Please have a look in the "Prints for Sale" galleries. Thank you for enjoying my work :)



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