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New Born, and Baby Photos

Babies can certainly be unpredictable, when it comes time for those "ever after" photo moments. So, when we are booking to take the perfect photos of your new born; I like to book a "general time". In the perfect world, we could schedule the smile, and adorable yawns. But we all know, once baby is born... everyone works on "baby's schedule". Having photos taken, should be no different, and so I set no time line. If we get lucky, and get that "perfect" photo in a short time... we got lucky; but likely closer to the truth... I am more than happy, and never rushed, to make sure we end up with photos you will be excited to keep, and share with everyone. (30 minutes, or all day... it's the same price)

I also, don't subscribe to the limited "pick of the great photos".. if we capture 30, or 50, or 100 photos that you like, and want; then why wouldn't you take them! Your baby - your photos. Same price.

Photo Packages

 $175 - unlimited time, unlimited photos

If we did your MATERNITY photos together; or if you are booking photos for your TWIN babies, then your photos are free.